Benefits of Silage Wrap & its Agricultural Advantages

In 1980s the introduction of silage film proved to be boon for silage maker. It became an unfailing method of delivering nutritious and superior fodder, while at the same time bringing down the need for labour and time concerning feeding flexibility, and it’s an affordable option too. Modern and advanced technology makes it a lot convenient for farm owners to wrap silage and feed their livestock or make profit selling in the market.

When your crop is of high quality, the use of silage wrap allows you to harvest without the need to wait for the weather to get calm. Baling silage empowers the use of diverse crops, and you can see a significant reduction in harvesting losses and feeding costs. As you know, cost of farm animal feeds are always shooting high, using these wraps will ensure the protection of silage for more than 12 months.


Silage film is used primarily to preserve silage, hay and maize. While it maintains the nutritional value of the contents, it also inhibits undesirable fermentation processes. As the duration of outdoor exposure, the required properties must ensure protection throughout the duration. It is imperative to find the one with good resistance against weathering. So, you require a paramount research to make sure you are dealing with a reliable silage wrap dealer and who can provide you with best quality wrap.

Get the low-cost, durable (even in the presence of UV radiation and agricultural chemicals), performs well in harsh and extreme temperatures, and does not break and maintain elasticity. 

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